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eBay Inc Design Playbook


In 2014, eBay Inc began a new initiative to bring together its large community of talented creatives and establish a stronger culture of design. The task was to create a playbook that would define a common language and activate design thinking across eBay, PayPal, eBay Enterprise and StubHub. 


I worked with a small team of eBay Inc executives, creatives, engineers, and our design advisor John Maeda for two weeks to rapidly concept and produce our first iteration of the playbook. Focusing on the Design Principles section, I collaborated with another art director and copyrighter to establish 4 core design principles. I designed an icon system using concentric circles and connecting lines to reinforce a common foundation. I animated the icons to enhance the message and create an interactive and immersive experience. 

The principles were integral to the playbook and have been presented publicly to communicate the importance of design at eBay Inc. 


eBay Enterprise / The Shop / eBay Inc

Art Direction / Design / Animation

Ben Brucker

Art Direction

Katharina Klein

Creative Direction

Dane Howard / Andrew Cambouris