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Superhero Post-it Mural


Our sterile office environment at The Shop Agency did not reflect our collaborative creative culture, so I decided to give it a refresh. I needed a temporary, inexpensive solution that would bring life and inspiration to our space. I settled on Post-It notes to cover our walls with a large custom mural. 


After concepting with my creative director, we decided that superheroes were a perfect theme. I designed 7 character panels that are bold, iconic, and unique. These playful 8-bit designs consisted of 8,000+ Post-Its. I rallied my creative team and together we put them up over a weekend. 


The process helped build team camaraderie, and our new environment boosted morale for the whole building. When I shared the story online it became hugely popular. Good Morning America, Gizmodo, Buzzfeed, MTV, and various other news agencies published articles about the mural. It was tweeted and shared by millions, and within a few days, news of the project spread across the entire world. The artwork was reproduced countless times as others were inspired to transform their own spaces. 

Art Direction / Design 

Ben Brucker

Creative Direction

Oliver Albrecht